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Return codes

Requests to the CNPJ API can return the following HTTP codes:

Non-ticketed codes

The codes 400, 401, 403, 500, 502 and 504 will not be ticketed on billing.

Code / Responses

200 OK

          -  Everything worked as expected and the data was validated successfully.

206 Partial Content

          -  The information was returned, but not completely.

400 Invalid request

          -  The CNPJ number entered is not valid.

401 Not authorized

          -  Problems during authentication.

403 Forbidden

          -  This error occurs when there is a wrong path in the request. Make sure to call the API as directed in the demo of the version you are using.

404 Not found

          -  No record found. *This return code shows that there is no CNPJ with the registration number informed.

500 Server error

          -  An internal server error has occurred.

502 Integration error

          -  There was an integration error that made it impossible for this query API request to obtain the requested data.

504 Gateway Timeout

          -  There was a network error and the gateway did not respond in time. The request did not reach the API Consulta CNPJ.