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Description of V1 fields

Name Description
ni Legal Entity Registration Number, in the format 99999999999999
open_date Legal Entity Opening, YYYY-MM-DD format
business_name Corporate name of the Legal Entity
fantasy_name Legal name of legal entity
cnae_principal Group (Information from the National Classification of Economic Activities)
   -  code Code CNAE
   -  description Description of CNAE
nature_juridica Legal Nature Information for Legal Entities
address Group (Address of Legal Entity)
   -  street address Locality
   -  number Lot or area number
   -  complement Complement of address
   -  cep Postal code of the locality
   -  neighborhood Locality sector
   -  municipality Administrative division of address
   -  uf Federation Unit
especial-situation Special Situation of Legal Entities
cadastral-situation Group (Registration Status of Legal Entities)
   -  code Registration status code
   -  date Situation date
   -  reason Description of the cadastral situation
organ Legal Entity Body
establishment_type Type of establishment of the Legal Entity
electronic_mail Legal Entity Email
capital_social The legal capital of the Legal Entity is a value returned without formatting, however the last 2 digits to the right refer to cents. the returned value must be divided by 100 to obtain the real value
postage Size of the Legal Entity
phone Group (Legal Entity Telephone Numbers)
   -  ddd Code of DDD
   -  number Phone number
name_orgao Name of the body of the Legal Entity
ente_federativo Federative Entity of Legal Entity