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Types of Cadastral Situation

Code Description
1 Nula
2 Ativa
3 Suspensa
4 Inapta
5 Ativa Não Regular
8 Baixada

1 Nula (Null)

A null CNPJ cannot be made effected again. In this situation, the company was involved in a proven case of fraud, or errors and inconsistency in the income tax return, among other reasons of this nature.

2 Ativa (Active)

An active CNPJ means that the company is in operation and has no pending or irregularities.

3 Suspensa (Suspended)

If the CNPJ is suspended, it means that the company has failed in any of its legal obligations. Some examples are inconsistencies in tax collection, suspected fraud, and the lack of mandatory declarations, such as the Simplified Annual Individual Microentrepreneur Declaration (DASN-SIMEI) or the Annual Information and Salaries Ratio (RAIS).

In this case, it's possible to reverse the situation. To do this, the company needs to contact the regulatory agency to understand what the problem was and solve it. Thus, the company can regularize the suspended CNPJ.

4 Inapta (Unfit)

An unfit CNPJ indicates that omissions of the company's mandatory procedures have been recorded in two consecutive years. This can happen by failing to deliver mandatory statements and reports for the operation of the business.

If the situation is not regularized, the company's partners will be subject to fines and the business may be restricted to its operation. To resolve the issue, it is necessary to contact the Brazilian Federal Revenue Department to know the pending issues and what is necessary to regularize it.

5 Ativa Não Regular (Active And Non-Regular)

An active and non-regular CNPJ means that the company is in operation and has some pending or irregularity.

8 Baixada (Deactivated)

A deactivated CNPJ, in turn, has no way to be reversed. In this case, a voluntary deactivatement was made by the partner or the Brazilian Federal Revenue Department, in the case of tax omissions for more than five years.