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What is the CND Consultation API?

CND, short for Certidões Negativas de Débitos in Portuguese, is a tax clearance certificate issued by tax authorities — federal, state, or municipal — which states that your company has settled all its debt. It verifies that an entity had paid all its tax liabilities at the time the certificate was issued.

The company will need a Tax clearance certificate in order to apply for a loan or to show to your customers and vendors that you are paying your tax bills on time. Besides that, it is fundamental that your business have a tax clearance certificate in the event of a due diligence process.

Taxpayers have the right to receive a debt clearance certificate from tax authorities. A tax clearance certificate is only valid for a certain period of time.

(From tax clearance certificate. )

In order to allow for automation, SERPRO offer the CND Consultation, a web service API that queries the tax clearance status and certificate, available for natural and business entities as well as rural states.

How does it work?

CND Consultation API is available through HTTP REST interface. The customer places a call to the API informing some basic details like taxpayer ID number (known as CNPJ, CPF or NIRF) and gets the status (cleared/non-cleared) and the certificate number and complementary data.

More information

Does it sound like what you need? Go to CND Consultation API to find about purchasing it.